Previewer not working

I am trying to write a new episode story for INK style but my previewer won’t work so I can’t see any of the outfit ideas or the characters or anything so I was wondering if someone could please help. Thanks

You using a computer?

the same thing happend to me but i managed to fix it first i emailed episode and it came up with ways to fix this it i had done all of them but it still didnt works but then i added an animation to the first character to speak so
for example
CHARACTER (animation)
then u would go to next line and type what you want your character ti say

for example

CHARACTER (talk_awkward)
hope you enjoy

hope this helped you also the scripts work best on google chrome

I have this problem on my phone and tablet. The previewers are fine on my laptop but on my phone and tablet nothing comes up. :confused:

He previews won’t work on tablet or phone, sorry

Okay, thank you. :slight_smile:

Would you be able to help me with my problem:

~ Winter :slight_smile:

Is it showing black screen or showing any error?

On your desktop or on the app?


It’s glitchy, my suggestion is use the app and then if you can submit a ticket to Admin so they can work on the issue

Nevermind. Submitted a ticket to the Episode team. :slight_smile:

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Looks like @WinterMoon05 submitted a request to the support team. Thread Closed. If at any point you would like to provide this thread with an update with the results, please pm myself or @Ryan. Thanks! :mage:

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