Previewer STILL not working on's now been more than a week

Title says it.

This is really inconvenient, because Mozilla Firefox lags for me and all of my bookmarks for Episode/scripting are on Chrome. I’ve submitted a ticket, no response, and don’t even know if I should submit another one.

Is anyone still having this issue?

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@Sydney_H Accidentally posted in the wrong category, can this be moved to Report Bugs in the Writers Portal section? Thank you!

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Moved to Writer’s Portal Bug. :smiley: I’d strongly advise against submitting another ticket, since it will push your original ticket to the end of the queue and cause you to wait longer for a response. Please wait to hear a response from the support team, and my sincerest apologies for this inconvenience. :frowning:

I have a solution that worked for me

Delete chrome’s history then log out from your acc, then restart your system and log in again

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Deleting your browser history won’t fix this. But clearing your browsers cache might :slight_smile: