Previewing from a specific line not working

Hi, would you please sort out a bug I’ve found with the writer portal which has been ongoing for over a week now. When I try preview from a certain line, it previews from a whole bunch of lines way back so this is very time-consuming having to go from all those lines way back even through using the forward thing.

For example, i try to preview from line 439 and it says it’s previewing from that line but it previews from line 67. This has never happened before to me. Would you please sort this out asap thank you. I’ve reloaded it many times, I’ve logged out fully and logged back in, I left it alone for a few days and logged back in and still it’s doing that bug.

Hello @Shinny2704, sorry to hear about your issue. You should submit a help ticket to the support team and let them know about this problem. :smiley: