Previewing in App Once Published

General question I guess. So I’m currently coding Episode 5 of my story (A Life of Her Own, check it out lol ;D ) and was wondering if there is still a way to preview unpublished episodes in the app if you already have published episodes? Because now when I go to my Create section, it just shows me my story from a reader point of view on the app.

If there isn’t an option to do this once you’ve published, the app should really consider putting that in. Something about previewing it on my phone vs the portal helps me catch more mistakes!

That’s a bug, reload the app when it shows you from the readers pov! (Happened to me too)

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Right as I was going to type my reply and say I’ve tried that a couple of times, it starts working! Lol! Thanks.

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hey, that’s great that you worked it out, make sure you click solution or contact an episode member so that this topic doesn’t keep dragging on! :slight_smile: :grinning:

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