Previewing on the App

I’ve been trying to preview my story on the Episode app but my main character comes up with her last outfit change that happens episodes later.
For example:
She changes into her workout clothes in Ep 4 and when previewing Ep1, where the customization starts, she comes up wearing those clothes instead of her default outfit.

I would appreciate any help on this!
Thank you!

I’ve had that too I think it’s kind of an app bug. When publishing the story and actually reading it everything’s fine - it’s just in the preview that episode messes up the clothes.

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Ah thank you so much! It works fine when previewing it on my laptop but not the app, so I was really confused! :smile:

Yeah I was so too at the beginning! But it’s just the app :woman_shrugging: I’ve got used to it now :sweat_smile: