Previewing story glitch/bug?

First off @Sydney_H if I put this in the wrong section feel free to move it

But like the title says im trying to preview my story and its giving me this when I do I wish I could put a video here but is anyone else getting this ?

Hope eveyone has a good day/evening/night !

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This is literally happening to me too. I came on here to try and find a solution :hushed:

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Oh thank god . I’m so glad I’m not the only one . I wonder why this is happening ?

I’m having the same problem! I thought it was just my internet. :melting_face:

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Same I feel you . I thought it was too cuz my internet is :poop: . But my other devices were working . It seems like it’s another episode glitch episode won’t fix….

Same thing is happening to me! :roll_eyes:

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It seems like it’s back working now not sure if it was just a temporary glitch or not .