Previewing zooms?

Not sure if this belongs here but I’ve been trying to zoom in on a character and leave it until the next scene.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

I do advanced zoom ins and usually it works but after previewing it maybe the second time or more it tends to zoom in on all the scenes.

Because it’s a scene ending I didn’t at first use @zoom reset but I did after because I always thought I was making a mistake since it would zoom in on everything if I didn’t. (only after previewing it more than 1+ times)

However when I run it on the app it seems to go well and when I go backwards it zooms in on all the scenes but when I stop and click normally it works as it should.

It’s a bit frustrating since I’d like to do some zoom ins here and there and I preview my script often to check for any animation mistakes, etc.

Is anyone else having this issue with on the computer/app? anyway to prevent it from happening?

I’d really rather not zoom reset all the time to fix something unless I want to zoom out.

So in the computer previewer, whenever you zoom it assumes the same value until there is a change. In order to prevent this at the start of the scene you can add @zoom reset OR You can just refresh the page.
Trust me it won’t create any problem in the Episode app. :+1:

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Thank you, I’ll try to refresh next time! :slight_smile: