Pride Month Art Contest!


Then, what was your forum account if you left a year ago…?


Could ya send ya girl some screenshots of that then? Lol, I just wanna double check.


So idk anything about this, but can you take this to a PM? The forum doesn’t need more arguments


I wanna double check too, I’ve been stalking this thread ever since it began, lol.


Ya sure :))


I forgwtwd wich is why i made another one


Thanks :pray:


We’re not arguing, we’re asking her if she’s actually a judge, because she claims she is.


cough your going back in forth. I think that’s arguing. Whether it’s heated or not.


No offense. I don’t have anything against you.


Cause I am ask amani

And @BlueMoonWolf its bo working


None taken, we all have our own judgements and opinions, so it’s totally understandable.




Ok thanks :pray:


I agree. I just arrived on this thread. I don’t trust Chrissy or Raven (no offense) so i’d rather ask @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE or @random_life or an actual thread.


has this contest just stopped