We live in a world where everybody has to be perfect to be normal to be accepted. Women get harassed for not being pretty enough, even though they put products on their faces, hoping that SOMEONE would notice their beauty. Overweight people get harassed because they are out of shape and “ugly”, which is a word that shouldn’t b in the English dictionary at all, well, guess what? That “overweight” person has spent months into trying to look normal. You know that boy who has a face deformity? He’s had hundreds of surgeries hoping to wake up looking normal for once in his life. Everyone has wings, but nobody seems to use them. Why? The answer is simple. They do not have enough strength. They do not have enough love. They do not have enough people to love them. So even if it’s the tiniest bit of love you give to the people who are different, know that the love that you just gave them, has helped them spread their wings.

Good day xox