Princess Art Shop (Now Hiring, Free, and Open!)

:white_heart: Hi Everyone!
:white_heart: Welcome to The Princess Art Shop!!
:white_heart: We are now Open and taking requests for free!!
:white_heart: Just remember to follow all the rules!

:white_heart: Don’t threadhop, we work very hard on the pieces we make for you.

If you dont already know, threadhopping is when you go to multiple art shops requesting the same thing without canceling a request. If we see you doing this we WILL alert the other art shops involved

:white_heart: You HAVE to credit, the art made took a lot of time and work
:white_heart: Use the password and remember to blur it. Royalty :crown:
:white_heart: Tag the artist you want AND use their form
:white_heart: Be kind and respectful
:white_heart: Let the artist know IMMEDIATELY if you are not satisfied with your art. We dont keep it forever and we wont be upset if you let us know.
:white_heart: Give me time to create your art please! Unless you have a deadline perfection takes time!
:white_heart: Do Not use any examples unless you have full permission from the artist
:white_heart: If you have a strict deadline LET US KNOW
:white_heart: Make sure you list all the details in your form that you want.


My Examples

Can do: draw art, edits, character cards, pfp, banners, (pretty much anything edited just let me know )


Uploading: 2022_04_22_0km_Kleki.png…


Sydney's Examples

Can do: character cards, edits (custom poses, specific requests), pfps (edited)






V's Examples

Can Do: Drawn Art (Covers, Art Scenes, Splashes, Pfp)


:white_heart: Your name:
:white_heart: What can you do?
:white_heart: How many request can you take at a time?
:white_heart: Are you willing to work on the request until the requester is happy?
:white_heart: What should you be credited under? what’s you @
:white_heart: Are you ok with being added to a group chat for the group? if not thats perfectly fine :smiling_face:

My Form

:white_heart: Password: Must Blur

:white_heart: What type of art (Character card, cover, art scene, etc.)

:white_heart: Text? (Author name/Story Title)

:white_heart: Reference Pic? this really helps :smiling_face:

:white_heart: How many people?

:white_heart: Drawn or Edited?

:white_heart: Limelight Ink or Classic?

:white_heart: Details/outfits?

:white_heart: Pose? (Leave a pic if custom)

:white_heart: Background?

:white_heart: Deadline?

:white_heart: Any other details?

Sydney's Forms

Password:Please Blur
number of characters:
character details:
describe your edit:
other notes, if any:


Password:Please Blur
character details:
aesthetic ( synthwave, retro, etc. ):
other notes, if any:

character cards

Password: Please Blur
character details:
extra ( stickers, filters, etc. ):

V's Form
  • Password: Must Blur
  • What kind of art are you looking for? (Cover, Art Scene, Splash, Pfp):
  • Face close-up picture of your character(s):
  • Skin tone name + number, of your character(s):
  • Character sizes (Only important for +1 characters):
  • Outfit Pictures:
  • View (Full Body, Knee Up, Waist Up, or Bust Up):
  • Reference Pose:
  • Background (if image):
  • Background description (if drawn):
  • Title (N/A if it’s not a cover):
  • Size (Small, Large or both) (N/A if it’s not a cover):
  • Mood (Happy, romantic, sad, etc.):
  • Extras (Blush, Tattoos, etc.; N/A if none):
  • What kind of updates on the progress do you want? (Sketch or Sketch+Regular Updates):
  • Anything else I’d need to know?
  • Would you be okay with the sketches/progress/finished piece being shared on my social media? (If yes, let me know your IG handle, so you can be tagged)

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:white_heart:. My Waiting list!!
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:white_heart:. Sydney’s Waiting List!!
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:white_heart:. V’s Waiting List!! (UNAVALIBLE)

If this flops you saw nothing… :crazy_face:


Bump, Im still open!

Great your hired! Just send me some of your examples!

Bump! New Member and Examples!!

background: None, transparent
number of characters: 1
character details: the character has a nose stud

This is an example of what I want:
stranger things

Ps: I want her to be on the phone and she needs to be scared

This is my character:

Deadline: 1-3 weeks if possible

Kylie :white_heart:

pls send the character details <3

What do you mean by characters details?

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nose shape, face shape, skin color etc. and outfit.

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Could you fill out the form for which one of us you want to do it also add the password :blush:

Here’s an example of what that means
Face: Diamond
Body: Female Generic- Neutral 03
Brow: Arched Natural Scar
Hair: Messy Sock Bun- Golden Brown
Lips: Full Heart Pouty- Rose Light Nude matt
Nose: Natural Defined
+Whatever Outfit details

Random details I have no clue what that exact character would look like :rofl:

Hello, I’m interested in joining your shop.

:white_heart: Your name: V

:white_heart: What can you do? Drawn Art (Covers, Art Scenes, Splashes, Pfp)

:white_heart: How many request can you take at a time? One

:white_heart: Are you willing to work on the request until the requester is happy? Changes in the sketch are possible, I only allow small changes when the finished piece was sent. Complete pose changes whether during the sketch phase or when the piece is done aren’t possible.

:white_heart: What should you be credited under? what’s you @ Depends on where it’s going to be used:
If used on IG, the Episode app or anywhere else:
Credit goes to @v.h_arts (IG)
If used on Twitter:
Credit goes to @VH_arts_ (Twitter)

:white_heart: Are you ok with being added to a group chat for the group? Yes

Something you should know: it takes me some time to finish a piece so I won’t accept request with a deadline below 14 days. (If I get hired you might want to mention that)

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You’re Hired welcome to the shop!

Thats Perfectly Fine! I will pm you in a few!

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Bump! New Member and Examples!!

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Hi, I’d like to request a drawn art from @v.h_episode

For the pictures of the characters, faces, and outfits, I can’t work with them if the whole portal is displayed. Could you please upload images of the characters only?

I have to inform you that a cover including a gun might not get approved.

I can upload some different pictures! Do you think it would be better if I chose a different refrence pose not including a gun then?

Yes, thank you.

It’s up to you, but if you want to go safe I’d recommend that. For this pose, I could also suggest that I create the pose like in the reference but with the men’s hand on the women’s hip or wherever you’d like it.

If you could do that same pose but with his hand on her hip that would be perfect!


The outfits should be the characters wearing the outfits and full bodies. The same as you did for their faces. Sorry for not being clear about that.

Oh, okay!