Prison visiting rooms


Hey all!

Just a disclaimer, this is a pretty advanced background which is why it has taken me ages to try and find one.

I’m looking for a prison visiting background (you know where prisoners have visitors and they talk to each other through phone etc.).

I want it so that there is a background AND an overlay of the glass so that you can distinctively see the other person on the other side.

I’m trying my best to explain it through writing and it would probably come out better verbal!

But if anyone can help, please do! :heart:


You can find some cool prison backgrounds here:


I have this one. I’m not sure if there are overlays and I’m not upright at the moment :joy: I’ll look at it tomorrow


I found it on your drive and saved it and I’m using it! And you know what? It’s perfect! Thank you soo much :heart:

I have credited you as well in my story!

Do you know where I could find prison shower backgrounds? My story is based around prison life and it’s hard trying to find these backgrounds hehe


Hey there. I don’t believe I have prison showers, but I did just render a community type shower that’s part of a locker room set- this is in my donor drive, if you are interested in that drive DM me.

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