Private school or Public school?

You see I have transitioned between public and private and it has been a wild ride. :joy:
This is what I have noticed,
Public school: When I went to public school I noticed that it’s kind of an “every man for themselves” environment. I’m not saying that’s bad because it prepares you for the real world, but you don’t develop lots of personal relationships with staff.

Private school: It’s hard for me to judge on private school because they’re different types and different environments. I went to an all black christian private school, it was wayyyy different then my public school experience. I was exposed to stuff I would definitely not be able to learn in public school. My teacher was straight up with us. We talked about real world problems racism, politics, sex, religion etc And like I said, other private schools may not do this due to the location or type of school. I could proudly say that in private school, I’ve made lots of relationships that would last a lifetime.

Which do you prefer?

  • Public school
  • Private school

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Public :v:t3:

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i’ve been on a wild journey with school too… starting out i was in public schools, then in sixth grade i left and began homeschooling. then i went back to public schools and later on in ninth grade i left again, and now i’m currently in tenth grade in a homeschooling program. public schools, especially around me, are terrible. i had no help, respect, or fairness while being there.

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In Private School (probably because it was elementary and middle school, we were young) we all clung to each other in groups. I only developed two or three genuine friends in my 7 years of Private schooling. I sat with 6 fake b-tches all throughout Private school, we didn’t really have anything in common other then our tendency to talk sh-t (I ain’t like that anymore). But I also had some of my best experiences there, discos and fun runs and sports days and excursions and life and just ughhh

I do prefer public school, my bestest friends are here. It’s a cheaper version of Private school but with better friends and genuine moments. I love it.


Well I feel left out I’m homeschooled :joy:


Public, private school isn’t my thing


Hit the wrong one Public 100%

Public, everyone in my place doesn’t really like private ones… They always try to avoid it lol.

Publiccc I’ve been to private school and it sucked but like it depends on the people

I prefer… No School.

Like that’ll ever happen.:unamused:


I’ve been to a private school before and it’s not all that it’s meant to be honestly :sweat_smile: I honestly don’t like any kind of schools but if I choose I just like my public school a lot more experiences too


LOL used to be until I had to go to public school I’ve also been to private before

I feel u

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I’ve been homeschooled for all my life :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve went to a lot of crappy private schools in my high school years but there are different types of private schools while public schools are very similar to each other. With private schools you can choose whether you want to go somewhere with a large amount of students or a small amount of students, you can decide whether you want to go to a catholic school or a non-religious school ect.

My main pet peeve with private schools though (that I’ve went to) is that even though you PAY fees every term, they still expect you to participate in every fundraiser or come up with something else your parents have to pay for.

I’d say, if it’s a good private school it’s worth it, but I’ve only been to one decent one that was actually better than public schools :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Private private private school

It’s a nice place, so much funner than public school (which I used to go to)

i have only ever been to a public school

Much funner?

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Yep, at least mine is.
There isn’t any uniform or dress code, teachers are funner, no need to raise hands, everybody just shouts, I was quiet at the beginning when I started there but I got used to shoutimg answers in class lol it’s so much funner

I was making a joke because funner is considered to be informal lol

I honestly have no idea how regular schools work :woman_shrugging:

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