Private school or Public school?

What kinda school do you go to?


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Ok, makes sense haha😂

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I honestly straight away thought of like an asylum school or something

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Jeez thanks :joy::joy::joy:
Mines basically you have online videos that you attend with your teachers and fellow students. Sometimes you skip it because of glitches or too many kids. You have online classes get books in the mail and turn in assignments.
The difference is that I could start school at 2pm. In the school their are aysyncrosists and snycrosists , aysyncrosists can do it at their pace. Snycrosists have to get up and follow the schedule. We still have due dates and close dates. Also clubs ski ing trips snow tubing camp.
I haven’t ever been to a regular school and have no set times :joy::joy::joy:

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I’ve only been in private schools my whole life,
Legit my highschool get’s called a ‘college’

I split the difference with a public Catholic school lol. It was probably closer to a public school (no uniforms, class sizes of about 20-30) except, well, Catholic lol. Biggest religious diversity was one girl who was a practising Protestant rather than a Catholic and, plot twist, that girl was me. :open_mouth:

Broke as a joke so I have no idea what private school would be like lol. But I imagine private school would’ve been better for me. I was very content to blend into the background. Being in a smaller class with the teacher constantly on my case to speak up might’ve helped me stop being excessively quiet lol.

I don’t know how my social life would’ve changed in a private school… :thinking: It would’ve been even harder to blend in with a small, close-knit class. I would’ve either found one bff or just been that weird girl who reads all the time. :sob:

But hey, I turned out fine I guess. I can read and write. :+1:

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