Probably a dumb question lol

how do you drag someone?.. im trying to get my male character to look like hes pulling the female character closer. Can anyone help?

You can use this but their is no specific way to drag a character

@CHARACTER walks to screen x AND CHARACTER faces direction AND CHARACTER is walk_exhausted

@CHARACTER2 walks to screen x AND CHARACTER2 faces direction AND CHARACTER2
Is lay_asleep

You can also do for the second character

&CHARACTER spot 0.000 000 00 and the stuff above

Whichever one works better

In my script I have a label. But there keeps being an error on my label saying, " Your label may not contain a space.". What should I do?

Can you send a picture of your script?

I am very sorry for wasting your time. While taking a picture of my script I realized my mistake. Again, I am truly sorry.

Okay don’t worry! If you ever need some help don’t hesitate to ask! :wink: