Problem character bug

The character is small. I arrange her and she is a small one again

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can you send what part of your script looks like, and what size you want the character to be?

I have it in one scene what to do

This is probably because you did not update it in the script. Edit the character in the preview by clicking the button that says “spot helper”. Adjust your character, and right underneath do you see where it says @SOFI spot blah blah blah, Copy that and paste it right into your script.
I hope this helped!

What you see in the picture I arranged sofi copied and pasted the size and then preview Then I went in again “spot helper”. Write 400 though in this script 500 size

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Just replace what is in the script. Copy and paste what you see in the spot helper.

I’m sorry for the English but it seems to me you did not understand! I’ve had a couple of episodes already. I know how to use. I fix Sofi in the spot helper. but I see again Pressing preview she’s small Even as you see in the picture it says

Now I’ve fixed Sophie and copied what it says in the spot helper and now i Pressing preview

You see Sofi again small even though the script reads 0.512 in the spot helper Write 0.458

Here, too, only Sofi is big than what is written

I have a very similar issue. My character appears on screen where she shouldn’t be. I used the preview to position her, copied the coordinates and saved but she doesn’t budge.
I got mad and completely removed her from the scene- SHE IS STILL THERE! I’m so frustrated! Nothing I do works.

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