Problem logging in!

So I changed my phone yesterday (from IPhone to Samsung) and now I can’t log in on my account on the app in my new phone (the Samsung). I was wondering if anyone had this problem before and how to solve it :thinking: I’m selling my other phone (the IPhone) and want to fix this as soon as possible. I submitted a ticket 11 hrs ago but trying to find an answer before the phone is gone. Thank you in advance! :wink:

Did you add in your Restoritive Username and PW?

Yeah :sleepy:

It says that my email is associated with a game state on a different platform.

Okay, just to make sure we’re on the same page. By Restorative Username and PW, I don’t mean your email and password. I mean the username and PW Epsiode automatically provides you with.

Yes I did both, try to log in with my email for the app and also log in with the username/password they assigned me

Then it sounds like an admin issue. It’s good that you submitted a ticket. I’m sure they will contact you shortly.


So what are her options?

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Reading progress is not transferable between iOS and Android. However, if your profile is linked to an iOS account, the support team can have it linked to your Android account. Your best bet is to discuss it further with the support team in the ticket you created. Either that or you are going to have to continue using iOS to keep your reading progress.

Also, moved topic to Episode Fan Community as this is not a bug. Thanks! :peace_symbol:


Thank you! I will contact them now!

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I’m having that problem as well

Please refer to this post. Thanks!

how do I do that?

Feel free to submit a ticket to our support team here. :slight_smile:

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