Problem: mouth talking overlay

How do I make the characters talk with the mouth overlay while the speechbubbles still there?

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Um, did you mean the animations?

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CHARCTER (talk_agree_happy)
Hello, how are you?

But, you use the name of your character and what you want him/her to say.


MADELYN (talk_afraid)
No, please!

I hope this is what you mean!

(Oops, didn’t mean to tag you amber.)

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I’m pretty sure you have to use the & and comamnd

&overlay opacity 1 in THEN overlay1 opacity 1 in 0.1 AND overlay opacity 0 in 0.1.
LMAO, I hate my life :slight_smile:

I think it’s along the lines of this.
Tho the overlays commands may be wrong.

No I mean the mouth moving overlays with the speechbubbles

Thanks for that but I mean speechbubbles part, I already got code part already. I want to know how to leave speech bubbles on while the mouth moving overlays move

You use & with THEN to make the mouth move while the speech bubble is there
@MoraTheMoron code should work

Not what I meant, I mean the speechbubble part not the coding part, already got the coding already I just need to know how to do the speech bubble while the mouth moving overlay talk

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I’m not sure if I understood you exactly but, as far as I did, I believe you need to use & command with the overlay for that. That way your overlay can keep moving.

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I’ll take screenshot of my script

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I talking about the speechbubble, actually nvm i’ll screenshot it😄

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Okay, I think you want to make appear speechbuble while mouth overlay is moving, right? For that, you gotta use & command. Like this :point_down:t2:

&overlay MOUTH rotates 10 anchor point 1 0 in 4 THEN overlay MOUTH rotates 0 anchor point 1 0 in 0 loop INFINITE times


Ok I’ll try that thx👍🏾

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Hope, it works. :smile:

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I tried it but it not working. I’ll try another way, but thanks for the help anyway!:smile:

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