Problem solved dw lol

It’s fine lol

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Did you actually save it? You can know if you saved it and recover it by going on all previous revisions on the bottom left corner.

I don’t know… but don’t worry, I’ll just retype it. I contacted Episode and they couldn’t do anything, but it’s fine. I’ll just have to rewrite it. But thanks for trying to help x

You can really just see your previous revision you don’t have to retype all that…

OMG thank you so much I’m such an idiot lol. That saved me like 2 hours of anxiety and stress lmao!

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I just realised that you just helped me so much lol!! It worked! Thanks so much xxx

I know its stressful to write everything again so…
No worries…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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