Problem solved.. Thank you

Hey, I’m writing a story called as love and war… I completed 4 episodes now but not yet published because of my classes… I don’t have time for coding because I’m busy with my classes… Can anyone please help me to write the codes?

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What do you need help with? (Entering, animations, timing)?

Okay. So how do you want me to edit the story. It would be easier if I did it through to portal

Do you have Instagram? It’s easy to communicate.

Do you know everything about codes and animations because I don’t know… I’m a new writer.

If you do not have time to write a story, don’t write it. You can’t expect someone else to just code everything for you, that isn’t fair. If you haven’t published anything yet, there is no rush … sorry but I find it extremely rude. If you don’t know how to code, learn? There are plenty of YouTube videos, tutorials on episode and lots of threads on here about coding. Also, check out Dara’s website, it has everything you will need on there.

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Hey, I know, I don’t steal their work… It’s okay then I’ll continue my work when I have time… So how to delete this post then can you please tell me…

Sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you’re stealing anyone’s work, I meant that you should write your own story, and not ask others to write it for you, especially if the only thing that’s preventing you from writing, is time and experience. You can ask a moderator to close the thread or mark one of the comments as a solution.

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My instagrams ceanah_cp if you still need my help. I have a lot of free time

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Of course,it’s okay. I can understand what you mean… I’ll write my own story, but don’t know about coding… That’s why… Anyways how to mark it as solution or to ask moderator… Please help me?

Thank you so much, but I’ll write when I have time and after learning about codes… I’m really sorry for wasting your time… But I really appreciate your help…