Problem when making choices

Hi can I please have some help?
I know how to make a choice but I think I am doing something wrong because, every time I go to save a message pops in the error bar saying … There is an } on line *** that doesn’t have a matching {
but there is, can I please have some help.

Just in case: HOW TO: Simple Choices

Can you show a screenshot (ss) of your script where the error is?

BTW this might sound frustrating but sometimes it’ll say the error is a bracket on line # that doesn’t have a matching bracket bla bla bla for errors within your choice that have nothing at all to do with your brackets.

you most likely have the brackets wrong if it gives this message or some other line next to it makes the problem - can you show me your code - wihtouh it its impossible to guess where is the problem. :sweat_smile:

You can dm me anytime if you need help with coding (@annaw.stories on IG) :blush: I will be happy to help!

Here is the script:


@STELLA is dustoff_neutral_loop
@STELLA changes into Formal White
@pause for 2

    STELLA (admire_happy)
(Is this my outfit for tonight?)

“Yes, I love it!” {

goto endoutfit1

} “No, let me see the other options again.” {

goto chooseoutfit1

Could you show more of your script? Screenshot and post it here.

In the meantime, I will suggest:

You need two closing curly brackets (I bolded them), one for the “Is this my outfit for tonight” choice and the other for Formal White.

Other things:
-make sure the existing goto have a label they can go to as a checkpoint (shares same name). You need a label endoutfit1 and label chooseoutfit1

Also make sure the outfit is created (exists). it will show up in pink.

You should delete line 116 so there is no space between the closing brackets.

#By the way the start of that scene should be something like:


@zoom reset

@STELLA stands screen center AND STELLA faces right AND STELLA starts idle

label chooseoutfit1

You are on your way…fill in the rest

#You want to place STELLA in the beginning of your scene under the new background and you also need a label chooseoutfit1 so if the readers land on goto chooseoutfit1 they are taken to that label and can re-pick clothing options. (You can only have label chooseoutfit1 once within your episode as duplicate labels aren’t allowed per episode so if you have it already before your background name, great, otherwise do add it and do place your character in your scene where you’d like for them to be standing).

After doing all this, if you’re still getting an error, show the end of the whole choice (so the screenshot on when the clothing choice is complete).


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