Problem with an overlay

So I once again have a problem with the Science desk overlay.

The problem is that I create the overlay, resize the overlay, put the numbers to the script, but when I ‘‘preview’’ it on my phone the overlay is in a weird place. I want the overlay to be in zone 2 but it continues to zone 1 for some reason. I resized it so that the overlay should begin in zone 2 and the rest will be in zone 3, but now it’s like it starts in zone 1 and continues in zone 2. And it wouldn’t bother me otherwise but I have the students in zone 2 and the teacher in zone 1 and it looks stupid for the desk to be in zone 1 where the teacher is teaching.

Does anyone know how to fix it?


music music_bubblegum
@cut to zone 2
@overlay DESK SCIENCE create
@overlay DESK SCIENCE shifts to 26 90
@overlay DESK SCIENCE scales to 0.718 0.718
@overlay DESK SCIENCE opacity 1 in 0
@zoom on 620 148 to 159% in 3
@YONA enters from left to spot 0.476 294 310 AND LEO enters from left to spot 0.488 239 306 AND GREY enters from left to spot 0.542 134 282 AND YOU enters from left to spot 0.513 188 289
@YONA faces left AND LEO faces left
YOU (talk_think)
Wait are by any chance the ones that helped us on Friday to the principals office?
YONA (talk_startled)
It was you guys that asked for help?
GREY (talk_neutral)
YONA (talk_excited)
Cool! I didn’t realize we already met once.
YOU (talk_happy_agree)
Yeah well thanks for Friday and for today.
YONA (talk_gesture)
No worries it’s fine.
@pan to zone 1
@MR ACKERMAN enters from left to spot 0.694 265 229

You need to add the zone to the shifts command

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ohhhhhh I didn’t know that I thought since I created it in zone 2 it’s shift it there too

Thanks !

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks! :smiley: