Problem with app


I don´t know what to do now. I can´t read stories anymore because all it does is giving me a black screen. it started yesterday. I was reading a story and the app started lagging a bit at the end. chapter got finished and normally this would take me back to the episode (app? i don’t know what to call it) however it just continued to stay at a black screen. I thought there was a problem with my WIFI so I didn’t thought much of it. Now this morning I heard there was an update on one of my favorite stories so I really wanted to read that one! normally before reading I would get ads but IT STILL JUST GIVES ME A BLACK SCREEN and after a minute the app my phone says that the APP episode is not working. It’s really anoying and I know for sure that this time there is nothing wrong with my connection. How can I solve this?


Try submitting a ticket.

Can do so here:


I have this same issue. I submitted a ticket and they told me they would pass the information on to their testers and developers. That was a month ago. December 19th to be exact. Sometimes it works enough where I can see heads and read but most times it’s all black. Even when I go to my profile, it’s the same issue. My avatar and the background are a black screen. I’m pretty sure my issue was tossed to the side never to be acknowledged again.


I’m havibg the same problem and I’m super annoyed!! It plays the adds and then the screen just goes black. I’ve been reading chapters all night and then this is randomly happens???


jes and episode says it’s my wifi but I’m sure that it’s not!


Mine finally worked after restarting and closing the app a million times, I was relieved and thought that problem was over until I tried to start the next chapter… the same thing happened!! I can’t take this


Just wanted to share that deleting and redownloading the app has seemed to fix the problem. Hope this helps.