Problem with background

I get this error: ‘‘The background … does not exist. Did you misspell or delete it?’’

I don’t know why I’m getting the error since I didn’t misspell it cuz I just got the name from the catalog. It’s not an episode original bg. Also thi bg is the first scene on my story, but it appears also at the end, and it works just fine later on in the story, just not at the beginning.

Can anyone help ?

Can you post your script?

@LEON changes into Leon_shrtless
@CALVIN2 changes into Calvin_outfit1_1
&LEON spot 0.758 171 223 in zone 2 AND LEON faces right
&LEON moves to layer 2
&CALVIN2 spot 0.776 114 228 in zone 2 AND CALVIN2 faces right
@CALVIN2 moves to layer 1

i had the same problem, but I only needed to refresh the site though

there is not such background in the episode catalog so I cant check the name.
I would recomand to delete it and add it the way that you click on the name in the background list (on the right side of the portal)

Yeah you can’t find it since, as I said, it’s not an episode original bg.

Yeah, and I said that that is the reason I cant check the spelling therefore. :rofl:
But why we do repeat what we said?? :thinking: :relieved: :joy:

I have seen many times authors swearing there is no spelling mistake and in 80% there actually was a spelling mistake or missing space atc… I am not saying it is your case simply saying that I cant check it. Is is more clear now?

Also check the lines under it - sometimes there is mistake in lines under it but for some reasons script writes the problem is the BG name.

Ohh lol I understod you wrong. I was so confused as to why would you try to see is it’s spelled correctyr when you won’t have the bg.

But yeah I used the catalog on the right side of the portal. I’ll check the other lines after the bg to see if there’s something

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then it might be really in some other lines under it…check them

Can you post a screenshot of your script?

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