Problem with changing the genre of my story

Was not sure what category to put this in, but recently I started to create my first episode story, and a couple of weeks ago I put my story genre as romance. I would like to change it to drama now but it seems to not be working. Once I changed it, I went to preview my story on my phone, and in order to do that, you have to click on your story. And when you click on the story it shows the blurb, the authors profile and their writing genre. Mine for some reason doesn’t want to change itself to drama, it just stays as romance. If anybody knows how to fix this problem please help me!

Make sure to press “Save Changes” after you change the genre!

Yes I have done that and it doesn’t work :confused:

I’ve reloaded the app as well.

Hmm, I don;t know, try submitting a ticket to the team. Or re-start your PC/laptop/whatever device you are using.

@CrystalBlue1 please contact the support team via help ticket! :smiley:

Okay will do.

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I think you have to click Update after saving the changes. I’m pretty sure nothing would show up on the app until you update

How do you update it?

Just the same way like you wanted to publish a new episode:

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 4.39.43 pm

Mine doesn’t show that

Oh okay, I didn’t know your story was unpublished. In that case I believe it’s for the best to ask the support team as Sydney suggested, however I think all should be fine when you publish

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Okay no problem thanks.

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I’ve had the same problem & my stories are unpublished too! I’m pretty sure once you go to actually publish your story it will save the correct genre


Yeah I hope so. I contacted the support team so I’ll just see what they say.

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