Problem with characters' motion

When I preview the code, characters are appearing like this before changing into the next background:

I don’t understand what’s the issue!

Were they riding on the horses before the next scene?

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Yes. In this scene, they were riding horses. But they are appearing like this before background change.

Oh it’s an easy fix you’d just have to do an outfit change again but have it be the same outfit as the one they were wearing while riding the horse to get the other pant leg to show :face_holding_back_tears:

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You seem to misunderstood my issue. I don’t want characters to be like this at all!

Aha my bad I thought you were talking about the outfit glitch.

Maybe if you gave more info someone else or I could help out better more?

Are you referring to them having only one pant leg visible? Or are you referring to you wanting them to be doing a certain animation?

The background should change immediately after their animation finishes. But they are appearing like this for few seconds before the background change.

Ahh okay. Can I see the script?

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We could help out more if we saw your script to get an idea where the issue is

I would recommend changing out the & to a @ for HO6, once they finish their action the scene would finish (before the next scene)

So you wouldn’t need all those pauses after that

It worked! :smiley: Thank you so much :blob_hearts:

Your welcome :smiling_face:

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