Problem with choices merging

So basically in my story I wanted to make a Choice within a choice.
So the first choice was, would you like to play as a girl or guy. That was all fine and Andy until I added an additional choice within the girl, which I would later add to the boy. This choice is that they can choose to talk back to someone who is ridiculing them or ignore them. Me being the forgetful thing forgot to check how this would work. And now it’s quite difficult to Remove it as I hadn’t already used the gain and recall type feature.

Anyways the long story short; option “guy” from choice 1 merges with the second choice with the “girl”.

So it ends up being
“Who would you like to play as”
With girl being the only option


“How will you respond”
With the 2 answers
Then boy :frowning:

Is there anyway I can fix this as it aggravates me seeing how long I spent on this episode alone lol. I’m a new writer so please go easy on me haha :slight_smile:
I hope someone can come up with a solution

Did you try re-setting your story progress when you played? Also you can PM me if you want and I will try to help out- on Thursday.

No I’ll try that’s today though! Also I’ll definetly pm you thanks :slight_smile:

Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since it involves coding/scripting. :wink: