Problem with code?

i am having a problem with a character doing an animation which is "sit_type_loop
the warning i’m getting is — “behavior may not exist in all imitated body types for imitating character. may display idle animation instead”

i have no idea why it is doing that when it hasn’t done it for any of my other characters. just for reference this is in ink

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this is a glitch, it happens with a lot of animations. if it works when you preview it on the app you can ignore the warning if your character does idle instead of you wanted animation you have to change it.


alright, thank you : )

I get this all the time too and I find it so annoying I end up just changing the animation :woman_shrugging:


yeah i might just do that :smile:

In also change it when I see that! It makes me sad but I don’t like having errors.

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