Problem with coding?

hi have problem with coding i was been asked people to help me out but they was not answered
to my problem please if you could take time and reply to me that would be great .
last time that i asked for help they would answer but not help to the fullest . i would appreciate your help
so my coding problem is i already somehow did manage to get guy out of car
but i wanted to look like all 3 characters getting out of car
so as i explained i did alraedy made guy get out of car but i need help to get both girls at same time out of car i need them to look like they getting out of car and then chat for little whle and close the scene .
please if you could make time to help me if you can
thank you

could you pls send the coding you did for the scene?

yes i can just moment please

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you need to use the ampersand and make them all do the same action. Stop using the “@”

&CHAR1 starts standup_neutral
&CHAR2 starts standup_neutral
&CHAR3 starts standup_neutral
@pause for 1.5
Then, they do the next command.

Alternatively, you could write it like this, too. However, you’ve got to have that ampersand:

&CHAR1 starts standup_neutral AND CHAR2 starts standup_neutral AND CHAR3 starts standup_neutral

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do you see what is problem and i wanted that camera follows back to see other characters

I think maybe you could copy and paste what @medusa.jett said? that should work best :)) good luck!

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thank you

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i was copy what she told me but other two charcaters don’t show up i don’t kno why ?

what are your 3 character’s names?

so two girls elena and emilia

male name is marco

following the template from @/medusa.jett, have you tried this?

&MARCO starts standup_neutral AND ELENA starts standup_neutral AND EMILIA starts standup_neutral

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yes i did and it didn’t show the girls :smiling_face_with_tear:

Did you spot direct the characters like you did with Marco?

i forgot about that so i should spot them with same numbers like marco

No, just make them stand screen center first, then, use the spot helper to move them where you want, copy the numbers, and then delete the screen center command.

So first, I’d do:

&zoom reset
&CHAR stands screen center

Play the script, then move that character that is standing screen center to where you want it to be using the story helper. Shift and scale the character however you want. Then, copy it. It should be like

&zoom reset
&CHAR spot bla bla bla

And so on


thank you

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