Problem with costumizing background

Hi! I have some problems with my costumized backgrounds. I created 3 different backgrounds and only one of them works. They have all been approved and I have no errors in the story. Everything is normal with the one that works but when I preview the two that don’t the only thing I can see is a black screen with dialog appearing, but there aren’t any characters or anything. Could the problem be the fact that the background that works has three panels and the two that don’t, have 1 and 2 panels? I already checked the episode helper and it says that if a black screen appears it means that the background has been reviewed but not approved but it sais on my backgroud that it is approved, plus I got an e-mail about the approval.
Please help me, bacause this is the only thing stopping me from uploading this episode.

It might just be in the wrong zone.
@cut to zone 1
and see if it’s still black

This happens when you are zoomed in from a previous scene and did not reset the zoom for the new scene. Just put @zoom reset when you add your customized background.


Does this answer your question @nika24? :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much and now I know it was the zooming problem. thank you all again