Problem with doing animation without speaking



I have a problem when I try to do an animation without speaking.

When I type in: @GWEN starts (apply_lipstick) as example.
I also tried to do: @GWEN is (apply_lipstick)

I always get a warning with: @Gwen starts (apply_lipstick) is not a valid directing comment.

Could anyone help?


Remove the parenthesis:)

@GWEN starts appy_lipstick


I tried but it’s unfortunately still not working


Can you show a picture of the script?


Maybe the behavior is not available to the character you used.


Are you using LIMELIGHT or are you using INK?? There is no apply_lipstick to LIMELIGHT if that is the case.


It’s already solved :slight_smile: I had to use captions for her name.


It is

@Gwen starts apply_lipstick


It is

@GWEN is apply_lipstick


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: