Problem with hair and lipstick customization!

When I save the script I get this warning saying: Duplicate Label "hair_lip"
Although it says that with every label.

What’s the problem?? Help please!

(Open the picture to see better)

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Have used the same labels anywhere else in the story?
Is it a template?

Yes it’s a template.

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Did you paste the CC template twice within your episode? If yes, then that’s why you’re getting that error.

Yeah you can’t use the same template twice if you have so you will have to change the labels on the second one if you have used it twice.

try changing the label name…it happens if u used it twice

Aaah, yes I’ve used it twice. So I need to change the labels in this template so it’s not the same as the other labes?


maybe label it hair_lip2

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Yes thank you!

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Yes, you need to either:
A) Paste a new 2nd template with diff labels and gotos
B) Change the labels in the second template as well as their gotos (so just add a 2 to those labels as well as their gotos)

welcome❤ if you need help im here

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Can find templates here:

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you! I made it myself actually! :smile:

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No problem :wink: