Problem with layers

I have a problem with layers. Characters are on a date with table overlay. they are at layer 1 and table is at layer 2. Thats working. But I want a waitress to come behind them I placed her in zone 1 at layer 0 where I cant see her and then I used walk to screen center in zone 3. While she is walking she is behind tha table and the sitting characters, but when she starts speaking she appears in front of everything. Can anyone help me fix this? thank you

R there any layer 0’s ?

maybe try putting layer 0 to layer 1, layer 1 to layer 2…etc

well I thought that they are according to this

but I will try, thanks :slight_smile:

nope, still the same

I get that so often. I don’t know what the proper fix is but I find that if I put more than a few numbers difference and tends to work.
I’d put the waitress at layer -1, just to be extra lol

nope, it didnt work either, I tried -3 :smiley:

Have you tried having her move layers twice? Once when she enters and once when she is at the right position?

Yes, that was the first thing I tried :smiley:

Try placing her in lower layer after she has walked to the center.
&Waiter moves to layer -3 or anything.
May be the commnd walks to center messes up the layer?

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Yes, it was probably that, I tried walks to spot and it works now :slight_smile: thank you so much!

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Moved to Directing Help & Tips as that’s where scripting questions live! Glad this got resolved, closing :v:t2:

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