Problem With My App HELP

Hello, please can somebody help me!!!
So I’ve tried contacting the episode team via the app but had no response so thought I’d join the community (I joined approx 1 hour ago so I really don’t know what I’m doing).
I’m in a constant circle of issues!
So, when I go to read a story I have to watch 2 ads (as usual) but there is certain ads which leave me on a black blank screen - I read on the help page that if you wait a few minutes it will just redirect you to the story, but it never did this for me so I exited out of the app and then reopened again but then before I can access the main page it times out/crashes and I am unable to access the app. This leaves me with the only option to delete the app and reinstall. It all works fine until I go to read a new chapter of a story and it takes me back a few chapters so I have to reread them!
By the time Ive read up to the correct chapter I was reading, the problems start again. This has been happening for about 1 week.
I’ve tried restarting my device, removing some stories from my favourites and clearing the cache in device settings but nothing seems to stop this from happening.
Sorry for all the detail but I’m really frustrated and need a solution. Can anybody help?

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