Problem with my characters

Hey everybody! I met a problem with my characters in the script… When I wrote on line 1 the name of my background, then on line 2 “@pan to zone 1” and then on line 3 “@CHARACTER enters from left to screen center” for example, I see the background but not the character on the app or the preview.
Also, when I wrote on line 1 the name of my background, then on line 2 “@pan to zone 1” and then on line 3 “@CHARACTER stands screen center and CHARACTER is idle” for example, I can only see, on the app or preview, the top of my character’s body with something around them, I don’t know how to describe it…

I don’t know if that’s important, but I already wrote a story on Episode (last summer) and as school were about to begin, I decided to stop for a while. Now, I just started writing again and pow! Problem with my characters :frowning_face:
I assume some things changed while I was gone… I don’t think I had this problem before so that’s why I’m confused. Can anyone help me? It’s driving me crazy! :sob:

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Thai new style is called Spotlight, it will only show the characters in the bubble and the commands are different. But there’s an option to write your story using full body characters
But you’ll have to start a new story

Oh ok! I didn’t even paid attention when I created my story :joy::sweat_smile: Thank you very much btw :wink:

Got it! Thanks for your help :grin:

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Hey! You used spotlight so the directing is different, so you will need to start a new story in INK. Also, when you do a command like that, you need to capitalise the AND for example:

@pan to zone 1
@CHARACTER enters from left to screen centre AND CHARACTER is idle

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Already on my way to create a new story, thanks btw :wink:

I also thought I had to capitalise the AND but lately I discovered that they don’t mind if I don’t but still, your message is a bit helpful! :smiley:

Have a nice day xx

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