Problem With my overlay

For some reason, my overlay won’t appear anywhere

Have you put

@overlay NAME opacity 1


You wrote BLACK twice when you used the create command for the overlay.

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Wow, I’m dumb, I didn’t even notice that

Ty <3

Also specifying the zone you want to appear also helps

@overlay BLACK BACKGROUNG shifts 555 555 in zone # for example

@JemU776 thanks I didn’t know how to express different numbers without specifying

Personally when the overlay is in zone 1, I don’t write “in zone 1” I just use “in zone #” where # is a number for other zones (ex. in zone 2) :joy: :blob_hearts:

@Archangel2 np :disco:


I always write to make sure it doesn’t appears on the wrong zone even when it isn’t needed :sweat_smile:

The overlay always appears in zone 1 when a zone isn’t mentioned. If you want it to appear in, for example, zone 2, you NEED to write “in zone 2” otherwise your overlay won’t show (it’ll be in zone 1 while your scene is on zone 2).

And I’ve written “in zone 1” before because sometimes I’m extra :joy: (and I have my reasonings lol :flushed: )

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