Problem with overlay scripts


I need help with overlays. When I place an overlay in the scene I want it to just be there and not pop up. Everytime I try to write the syntax on the same line the background is it always gives me an error.


So, you basically want the overlay to be attached to the background?


I want the overlay to just be there when the scene changes. I want to learn how to put the syntax on the same line of the BACKGROUND with OVERLAY.




Yes I know but I wanted to scale the overlay on the same line.


Oh, okay haha. You type INT/EXT. BACKGROUND - DAY/NIGHT with OVERLAY to 1.594 167 306 in zone x at layer x. The numbers I gave were just an example, you can change them.


How do I know what numbers to write?


Well, after you alter the overlay to be in the size and place you want using the overlay helper, under the web preview there is a box which says: @overlay OVERLAY shifts to 167 306 (for example)
and @overlay OVERLAY scales to 1.594 1.594 (for example). Then you just put them together (ex. 1.594 167 306, the number I mentioned before)


How do you put them together?


It’s basically the sentence I mentioned when I replied the third time.


Did everything get solved?