Problem with overlays

hi guys I have a problem can anyone help me?
my script gives me the error “Invalid format to specify overlay parameters”

it was all good til I added “in zone 3” to all the overlays, but I don’t know why.

this is my script:

EXT. PHILADELPHIA TIMES BUILDING - NIGHT with LIVING ROOM FRONT VIEW at layer 0 with CHAIR 1 to 0.972 -580 -19 in zone 3 at layer 1 with CHAIR 2 to 0.986 -357 -19 in zone 3 at layer with SHELL to 0.816 -151 229 in zone 3 at layer 1
@cut to zone 3
@zoom on 640 120 to 187% in 0
@MC spot 0.696 132 174

I tried putting the “in zone 3s” after the “at layer 1s” but it didn’t work, what should I do? : (

Okay so I noticed there is no number for the layer on the overlay CHAIR2 is it like that in the script also? :thinking::tulip:

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yesss that was it!! thank u so much idk how I didn’t notice :joy:

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No worries we all do it! :grin: Glad it was an easy fix. :tulip:

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