Problem with readerMessage


So I put a reader message in the script: The part looks like this;

readerMessage and here is the message
@ALICIA is tinker_loop_rear
sound door_knock
Alicia knocked on the door continuously, but no one was answering.

But Alicia’s not performing the animation, it’s like she froze, although the dialogue line shows. Is it because her animation is looped? or something? Because I’m not quite sure what I did wrong here…


what are you putting for the reader message? and, do you want alicia to say something while she is performing “tinker_loop_rear”?


The message is: Lol, excuse my poor overlaying skills. I spent an hour on this. I’m losing my nerves here haha.

(I added the dot now, it still’s not working)
No, I don’t, she’s not saying anything while doing it


You need to have put it like and the … pretend it’s what your writing there

readerMessage …

@ALICIA starts tinker_loop_rear
sound door_knock

Alicia knocked on the door continuously, but no one was answering


You dont need to add a dot in the end of the readerMessage


but IS and STARTS are pretty much the same thing… I changed it to starts, still not working. I will check on the app previewer, maybe it’s just a preview bug.


Okay do that.
And have you check or duoble checked that the animation is correct?


Yup, it is, there’s no error and it’s highlighted (green)


Uh no, it’s also not working on the app…


when doing the reader message, make sure it looks like this:

readerMessage Lol, excuse my poor overlaying skills.
What episode character format are you using? Ink? Limelight? or Classic?



Wait, but it DOES look like this. Is it a problem with the length of the message? Because I’ve seen really long messages., Maybe it has to do something with what is before the message


make sure the action you’re doing is an action that is listed on the character actions list. it could just be a bug because i tested it out on my own episode, just using a different action because i use limelight and it seemed to work just fine. If you can’t get it to work, email episode the error and they’ll help.


i dont think the message is too long either, it could very well just be a bug and i would also try restarting the portal


It is, I clicked on it… so, lmao
Well for now I just removed the message. I don’t think it’s so necessary in the story anyways. I just like to explain myself every time and the overlay is not PERFECTLY placed and someone might notice that, that’s why I put the message here, but whatever… haha

Thank you for help


no problem!! and, i dont think the readers would mind-- i’m horrible at overlays too but i just go with it cause afterall, we are the writers of the story and it is alot of work. good luck!


i think you need to add a dialog after the reader message not an animation, I might be wrong though