Problem with remembering choices

How many times i can use gains in one chapter?
I try to use same gains in current chapter again and it wont work. I’ve changed all elif’s to if’s cause otherwise it wont work at all.
I just need my character say some things again about previous choice but the script skips if parts and continues like they’re not even there.
What to do?

As many as you’d like

1 ) I recommend to test story on mobile as it’s more accurate
2 ) Remember to reset your flags (which are gains) or select certain one(s) to try different path(s). How to here: HOW TO: Reset Story Progress + Bonus Stuff :blob_sun:
3 ) Make sure you have everything written correctly
4 ) Can check out:

if should be first, elif for the middle one(s) and else last

Yes, thanks. It was all about story progress reset. It works now.

I stopped using gains, it works by doing just if…
So if this…instead of doing elif and all that just use if again

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