Problem with saving the story

I sent a ticket for the 100x because my app since to have a problem every month.
On the ticket, I said that I already completed step 1 which is to delete the app. I got an email back from episode with the instructions? So I’m not sure if they were able to fix my problems because the person didn’t said which steps they are on, they just send me the instructions. And is being a couple of days, and now the ticket confirmation appears dark so I don’t know if they closed my case.
I emailed them back a

sking if I should reinstall the app and they didn’t reply.

Hi just to the support ehen you send repeatedly an email it will put your issue on lower layer. I had this problem too but my impatience saused that I havent got an answer. They answer it based on time it comes but when you reply again it gets lower because the system puts it on the vaiting line based on the new date

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Right that happened to me once but someone on here said that if you replied in emails, it won’t push it down.
The thing is that when they send the instructions like that, when I send a ticket saying that I completed step 1 and they send all steps without saying which one they are on, it’s confusing,
Cause I’m not sure if they are on step 1 or 5.

from what I see I am understanding it so you have to do all the 4 steps described above.

So I can re-install it now ?
I haven’t completed that step because they didn’t told me if they completed the first few step, they just sent that email.

well in the first step thay say that opening the app will cancle this restore…

I understand it so thay already did restored it and you just now have to fallow the steps they send you.:woman_shrugging:

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Ooh you were right! Thank you so much for answering. Otherwise, I would have been here waiting until next month when they already fixed it. Thank you! :joy::joy:

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