Problem with script name

Script name has more words than one. I don’t know if I could change it…I basically dunno how to work with it. Helppp

You can’t change the script name only the display name. And it’s OK that it has 2 words

Once you create a character you can’t change their script name… Try making a new character with the new name you wish them to have and adjust the character settings like the old one 's.
If the old character is already in the script and you want to replace them with the new one, highlight the script name of your old character (without th “@”) and press ctrl + F or cmd + F (if you have mac), click the “All” button and type in the name you want to replace.
Also note that if on a dialogue you refer to the name of the old character it will change too.
And lastly, if you want to delete the old character it won’t be available unless you fully remove them from the script.
I hope it helped!

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