Problem with script?

Hey everyone,

so for some reason the if, else thing isn’t working for me. I did a gain in the previous episode, then in the next episode I put the gain into play, but it’s not working?

the first episode:


The second episode:

Can someone help me with this?

If you’re testing your story in the web previewer, it doesn’t remembering anything from previous episodes. You have to toggle between your flags by clicking on “Story Modifiers” then click on “Flags” then click on the flag name you want to test out.


when i did it it said error 11

please can someone help me?

My guess is check your outfits’ spelling, it’s also case sensitive so it has to been in caps where you wrote the outfit’s name in caps too.

Once you find the issue save & refresh then it should be gone :slight_smile:

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ok, thank you ! :smiley:

show me cplease the whole if/else . you have there ony the first part…

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oh, i figured it out. thanks though!

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