Problem with tappable overlays (works on pc, not on phone)

So I created this scene with a lot of tappable overlays, its basically an introduction of the characters. All the overlays work fine (on phone as well), except the one, that would move on to zone 2. I tried to change the overlay, retype the whole overlay creation, put a choice in the "Done" part, nothing works. I made two other scenes like this, and they work without problem (so I guess must be a typo, but I cant find it.). This one does work on my pc, however, when testing on the phone, I get stuck/

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I’m not that smart, @Apes or @LiyahxWrites wanna help at all?

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@JemU776 could you help?

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which overlay is causing a problem?

She has issues with DONE1. That would bring the reader to the next scene, but it can’t be tapped.

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@Shania_Rayne try this:

} “DONE1” {

goto geekzone2

Also, make sure that overlays are not overlapping so you tap on right one.

Thanks! Tried but it still doesn`t work :frowning:

check if DONE overlay is not in the same spot that DONE1 is, other than that I don’t have any ideas, it might be a glitch :thinking: maybe someone else will have a different solution :slight_smile:

DONE overlay is not present anywhere on the screen. Anyways, thank you, for taking the time. I decided to make the background scrollable and now everything works fine. I removed all the DONE overlays, and put something else instead.

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