Problem with template

Hello i have a problem with The choice of clothe… It’s writing error at the end… can someone please help me :blush: thank you very much

sorry I don’t know this but check out @Dara.Amarie she has some templates and you can compare yours with hers and see what’s wrong!

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I think that the problem is that you can’t end an episode with a label, so when you save it it says that there’s an error. Maybe try to put a conversation at the end, after the label ?


@EtherealWitch is correct. Once you have wrote some dialogue, animations, movements or a scene change after the last label, the error should clear.


Also I’m not sure if this is a problem or u can do this. But before the choice where u state is this my outfit for the day?

Shouldn’t it be spaced?

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Yeah it’s good. I solve the problem :blush:. @EtherealWitch was right. I’m bad in English as much to speak it as to read it so i didn’t understand Why it did not work. Thank you everyone very much for your answer :blush:


Bro same I’m bad at English

You would be more likely to get the answer you are looking for if you changed this to directing help and tips category