Problem With The Animations

Hi. I’m having a problem with the animations on the character that won’t show it happening. If that makes sense…

For example:

@transition fade out white 2

@cut to zone 1

@zoom on 234 365 to 118% in 0

@INKFEMALEAVATAR spot 0.818 109 203 in zone 1 AND INKFEMALEAVATAR faces right AND INKFEMALEAVATAR starts talk_phone_happy_loop_

What is the error it comes up as?

If it says that the animtion does not exist it’s because you wrote talk_phone_happy_loop_ instead of talk_phone_happy_loop x

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it should be
@CHAR is talk_phone_happy_loop
@CHAR starts talk_happy_phone_loop

That last part I wrote was a mistake. It’s actually what you said: talk_phone_happy_loop but thank you for the reminder. .

Thanks! I understand now.

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no problem :heart: