Problem with uploading overlays

Hello guys here I am again with my problem. I need help in uploading the overlay. Like I know how to do em but I can’t get the background off the overlay. Like it’s a car and it’s background is white . I tried erasing it but nah it also didn’t work. Please help.

I can remove it for you, just send the image :sparkling_heart:

Mm that’s totally fine but they are to many… and I also haven’t selected many till now so plz can you like teach me!?

There are several car overlays in the official catalog, maybe those would be better?

I want to upload my own overlays… Actually

Yes they will be!

In that case I can’t really help you, sorry :slightly_smiling_face:

Oooohkkkk thank u btw… :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Go to ibisPaint x. Go into the selection layer. Use the bucket or pen to fill in everything you want erased (should look purple). Then go back into the other layer and change the background to white with dots, in the bottom right corner. Then go to the top right button that looks the same as the button you just clicked. It should work. Here’s pics.

The last photo should be the first step

Thank you so much … :hugs::hugs::hugs::sparkling_heart:

There is a free editing software I use called gimp when creating my overlays and backgrounds.

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Thabk you so much … I badly needed this type of app… As I have tons of overlays… To edit. Haha

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Jade has an amazing tutorial on creating your own overlays:

Also is a great site to make the background of an image transparent and then download it (select transparent under editing tools)

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Oh thank you …:hugs::hugs::sparkling_heart:

No problem :blush: :heart:

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You are welcome

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