Problem with writing a story - Adult scene

Hello guys, I’m trying to make an adult scene between my two charcacters and I need help.

Censor them naked? They have censor bars in the outfit section.

If you just mean censor the socks, then spot direct them so the characters are larger and it looks like the camera is closer to the two people.

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Please keep in mind that explicit sexual content, uncensored frontal nudity, and uncensored posterior nudity in a sexual context is prohibited by Episode.


I know that, I didn’t know about the censored bars in outfits, thanks for letting me know, I’m fixing it now.


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You actually aren’t allowed to use censor bars in a sexual context, either. Their use has to be brief and nonsexual. Your best bet is to not include the scene/fade to black once things start getting intense. If the dialogue is absolutely crucial to the plot/character development, you can pan away from the characters and just have the dialogue in narration boxes, though I don’t recommend doing this beyond what you can’t do without.

Basically, explicit sexual scenes are against the guidelines, point blank. If you need them, you could try using Wattpad, since they have the option to rate stories as Mature.


Yep that’s what I did.
Just faded it away to black.

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