Problem with your characters' height?

If you want your characters taller, or smaller, do this!
1: Click to the directing helper! (You can see this when you start previewing your chapter)
2: Click to the Spot helper!
3: You can select who you want taller, or smaller with the button “Change cher”
4: Use the Switch tool: Move
5: Copy the lines under the previewing “box” (@CHARACTER spots …) and put it in your story,
6: Then enjoy your original heights!


Actually you can do this through your phone, or tablet also. Most people actually do it through their phones cause the previewer on the web portal is usually glitchy.

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Thank you, I’ll fix this.

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I knew how to do this already but it will probably be helpful for new writers so thanks! :wink:


Hey I’m having a serious problem with height. I know where to go on the director helper and how to write the numbers like for example @ROSS spot 1.288 160 34 but when I put them into my script the height doesn’t change. Can anyone help me??

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1.288 won’t change the height much, try 1.300

Thank you for replying!! I tried 300 and nothing changed in the scene I’m really not sure if it’s where I place it in the script or something else

Have you tried previewing it on the app?

I have on my phone with the app and it doesnt change even with the spot direction in the script. However when I tried it out at the very end, it did change like it went from the default height to the height I wanted but I’m tying to find a way so the male main character’s height is taller than the regular standard height from the beginning so when he wants into a scene it’s already done. But I can’t seem to make it work unfortunately.

Ohh okay!! So you need my guide on “Spot Walking” (a term I’ve created). Here you go:


Number 1 will answer your question.

Sorry this is so late, :sob: I just now saw it THANK YOU SO MUCH I’m going to try this and hopefully I get it to work

Okay I just tried it and I got him to enter correctly with the spot and look taller however in the middle of the scene, he goes right back to the default height and then I put the same direction towards the end of the scene and he changes his height again.

Let’s see your script

I got it actually thank you sooo much tho. I put the spot before and after the actions and I surprisingly got it to work

Can I still see it, just want to make sure you’re doing anything too out of your way :hugs:

Okay npp!!

Woah loll that’s a lot of spotting. You shouldn’t have to add it so many times… hmmm :thinking::thinking::thinking:
If it works for you, great!
But if you want, you can provide me with the code and I can show you how I’d do it. It’s be simpler I think.
But again! Up to you. If it works it works :relieved:

Though this function is super useful for adding diversity, the dimensions of the face/arms/legs, shrink with it and make it look dreadfully unrealistic. It’s particularly difficult to create children with this method!

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