Problem with zoom


Hi there!

I am having a problem with zooming, it zooms in with like a curve, it goes to the left first and then to the right! How can I fix this?

&zoom on 0 0 to 124% in 0
&SIERRA spot 0.398 -95 381 in zone 3 AND SIERRA is sleep_uncomfortable AND SIERRA faces right
@transition fade in black
@pan to zone 3
@zoom on 640 195 to 463% in 4


It can’t be fixed I think you are having the zoom 0 0 so it will go back with that curvy thing that you mentioned


you will have to re-do your zoom and make sure you’re not zooming into the left and then zooming to the right .


I removed the first zoom and now it isn’t curvy anymore! But it isn’t a 100% what I wanted anymore now!


I guess I will just stick with the curve, I also had something special and I think it looks better than the removing the first zoom! Thanks anyways @S.Dsana and @brvnda!


I remember seeing this post a few days ago. I found a fix for zooming curves, if you still need help here’s the link.


Yeah, I would’ve suggested to add in the same focus coordinates but the problem is that she’s not zoomin back to zero. She’s zooming closer on another set of focus coordinates