Problematic Art Shop 🌧 (CLOSED)

“Problematic Art Shop Jan 6th 2019- Aug 6th 2019”
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I’m probably not gonna keep it open forever, but I decided to start an art shop.
Throughout the time I’ve had this shop open, I’ve kind of expanded the things/requests I’m doing; I started off with Splashes and covers, but I then included: overlays, character detail sheets, backgrounds, and drawn art like portraits and art scenes. If you’re interested in something, drop the details down below and I’ll get on it. :smile: Overlay requests will generally be done quicker unless it’s a list. Additionally, if you request drawn art, you can generally count on it taking a while, unless there aren’t that many other requests. An easier request may be done before a harder one.




Character Detail Sheets



Sad%20Sitting Sinners%20Knife Andrea%20Name Circle%20char%202 Gun%20to%20head

Kylie%20Kepad Results%20are%20ready Blood Cut%202

Drawn Edits/Portraits/Art Scenes (Side note, I may not accept a request if it’s full body, as it is more difficult, takes longer, and I’m just bad at it. Just depends though. I’m also still pretty new at this so complicated clothing or hair I might not be able to do)

Drawn Art

WAITING LIST/ESTIMATED COMPLETION DATE Okay, this is new, but I’m implementing this now for when I get multiple requests in addition to requests I’m getting elsewhere. This way I see all the requests at once and can maybe come up with a time plan for when I get certain requests done. The dates are not set in stone. If something comes up, or I end up working on another request, it may take longer. This is also to just give you an idea for when your request would be done so that, if you need it faster, you can cancel your request early enough to request somewhere else. Also if it says simultaneously by your request it most likely means you have a list of requests and I’m just doing some bit by bit as I go through other requests, which also generally means there isn’t an estimated completion date.



I might req from here even doe I make my own art… I like it …

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::revolving_hearts:

I’m looking for a warning splash and a new cover. If your able to do it I can add the information

I have time right now. Send me the info :relaxed:

For the cover the story is called Secrets II: Twins Destiny
Main characters Robert & Kelly (Twins)

Love interest is Austin

Jay is the enemy

Do you have their character details?

And is there anything you have in mind, like how they’re positioned, an emotion they’re conveying, etc?

Kelly black layered hair, green upturned bold eyes, honey skin, classic plum lips, soft natural nose, soft heart face, defined natural eye brows.
robertbutton nose, fawn boy bun hair, square jaw, honey skin, classic round eyes taupe, classic lips taupe, medium sharp eyebrows.
jay black spiked hair, button nose, blue classic round eyes, medium sharp brows, square jaw, taupe skin, classic taupe lips
austin platinum cropped hair, caramel skin, medium sharp brows, classic round blue eyes, square jaw, button nose, smirk toffee lips

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I’ll start right now :smiley: Is there any other additional details you’d like to add?

Thank you

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For my warning splash
kelley honey skin, defined natural brow, straight fawn hair, green upturned bold eyes, soft heart face, soft natural nose, classic Ruby red lips
jake honey skin, black spiked hair, medium sharp browns, classic round blue eyes, square jaw, button nose, smirk blush
james taupe skin, thick arch brow, black cropped hair, classic round toffee eyes, square jaw, button nose, classic taupe lips

outfit for James
outfit for Jake
outfit for Kelley

I would like Kelley in the middle disappointed and Jake and James talk_arms_crossed_angry with censor of their mouths

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Is there a certain background you want for the splash or the cover? Or a KIND of background?

Omg I forgot to ask as well, is it a small or a large cover you’re looking for? Or both?

For both anything gang related or dark. If you could do both that was would be great

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First here are your covers; let me know if you want anything changed. :slight_smile: ,

Second, what exactly would you like the warning splash to say? :relaxed:

Could Robert be disappointed and Kelly be flirt_wink. For the Warning can it say Strong Language and Mature Themes

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Like this?

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Perfect I love them. Thank you :smile:

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You’re welcome :revolving_hearts::sparkling_heart:

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hehehehe… I AM HERE!!! SSOOOOOO like I have no time to make coverz and stuff bc of stupid education so I won’t work at Micky D’z!!! So like can make me a cova plz??? A big one and a small one!?

Details: Could u plz add in some bruises to the girl’s face and have the guy with his head resting on her shoulder and his right arm holding her side, and the left holding her hip? Also plz give him a serious-ish face! Can they also be facing left? TYSSMMMMM (srry if its a lot to req!)